Culture at Grace Maintenance

What if your job meant more than just being able to pay the bills? What if it meant more than checking off a to-do list—only to get up the next morning, and do it all over again? What if your job meant more than you’ve ever imagined?

At Grace Maintenance, we have a different idea about what our jobs mean to us. To put it simply, we believe our jobs are changing lives because we’re helping people, rather than just peddling another service.

When you join Grace Maintenance, believe you matter here. Believe you have a voice, and that your role is crucial to our company. We can’t wait to learn your name, admire your talents, and celebrate your success with us here.

What’s Great About Working at Grace Maintenance

  • Work in a fast-paced, growing “start-up” organization
  • Collaborate alongside the president of the company
  • See how your job directly impacts the company
  • Build positive relationships in our strong company culture


Current Positions:

  • WordPress Developer
  • Back-end Developer


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