Service you can trust

Fully licensed & insured on-site technicians to assist in maintaining property value by skilled technicians at an economical price in assisting with high tenant retention and low “room” turns.

Grace Maintenance has the professionals on site who have the experience and knowledge of repairs & remodels regarding income properties. Too often, maintenance on properties is viewed as a necessary evil – a painful cost of doing business. AtGrace Maintenance, we view it as an opportunity – a tool – that allows us to exceed our client’s expectations by providing the following benefits:

Customer Service

  • Providing quality, responsive, cost-effective maintenance of a property not only makes sense from an asset preservation standpoint, but we view it as a part of the foundation of our customer service program.

Tenant Retention

  • Responsive maintenance can be used as a tenant retention tool, a key factor when negotiating lease renewals on multi-family, office and retail properties, We hire maintenance staff that are skilled in their trade, but also demonstrate good people skills. They are friendly and caring while productive in their trade.

Control Costs of the Maintenance Program

  • Maintenance is necessary to keep a property in a working, livable condition. It includes preventive work, emergency and routine repairs. Maintenance costs constitute a large share of the operating budget and can be reduced through comprehensive planning. A high level of maintenance paradoxically reduces operating expenses because the building is more desirable to live in and, consequently, vacancies drop and rental revenues increase. Reducing internal moves also reduces costs associated with cleaning and painting units.

24 / 7 Coverage

  • All of the best maintenance services in the world mean nothing if they aren’t there to do the work. Maintenance issues don’t always happen during the convenient 8am to 5pm Monday through Thurs. Consequently, Grace Maintenance has a 24 hr emergency service line as the backbone of our maintenance services. Our on-call technician can link up at a property on short notice and assist on-site staff in the event of an emergency too large for them to handle alone. Time after time, Grace Maintenance 24/7 service has paid off, helping our customers properties not only to win over tenants and preserve the asset, but to create lower loss histories and insurance benefits that others simply cannot provide.

Implement a Preventative Maintenance Program

    • Here is a list of the most common items included in a preventative maintenance program:
      • Rain gutters: Inspect for secure fastening and clean out.
      • Smoke Alarms & Co detectors: Install if needed, Inspect and test battery.
      • Lawn Sprinklers: Inspect, test, replace heads, and reset timers. (incl Summarizing & Winterizing)
      • Windows & Doors: Inspect weather stripping, thresholds, hinges, door closers and locks.